Seasoned Salt

Give dishes a more complex flavor profile by substituting salt with the Chef Merito® Seasoned Salt; it’ll give your dishes more flavor with less sodium than salt alone! What makes our recipe extra special is its crave-worthy citrus flavor that tenderizes meat while instantly making it tastier. Enjoy it in seasoned fries, stews, and of course, to prepare a delicious, juicy steak!

How to use it: Sprinkle 1 tablespoon on a 6-ounce steak, and grill to your liking. Pair it with seasoned fries! Just add 1 teaspoon of the Chef Merito® Seasoning Salt for every 6 ounces of potato wedges (sprinkle more seasoning to your liking).

Large Jar 14 oz. Case of 12 - $30.36